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Our Story

One day, my 11 year old daughter asked if she could go to a dog show with her friend who showed dogs. She went and that was what started everything. She loved the show and wanted to show dogs. I thought it would be good for her, she was shy and I thought it would help to open her up.

The next decision was what kind of dog was she going to show. We agreed that we would go to some more dog shows and look for a breed. We would watch one breed after another one was too hyper, one needed to much grooming, what would be a good dog for someone new to the sport?? I kept being drawn to the Doberman. I had always wanted one. They are so regal looking, so smart. Chelsea didn’t care what she was going to show, just that she could show. I figured even if it was a phase, I would still get my Doberman. It was a win-win situation.

So thru her friend we found a Doberman breeder and got a red male named Bailey (now Ch Bruda Bailey Park RN, CGC, TDI, TT). We were hooked, and now have the privilege of owning and breeding multiple champions. Chelsea has also learned to show and groom many other breeds and has finished many dogs.

So that is where it all started. From there we have met many people and learned much. Anyone that knows Chelsea knows that she is no longer shy, actually quite the opposite. She has learned that life is not always fair, competition brings out the good and bad in people, and if you work hard at something you want, anything is attainable.

Chelsea is now a mother and still enjoys the sport of showing dogs. Her daughter too loves going to the shows, and going to conformation class. Symone is only three years old and gets very upset when her mom won’t let her show her own dog. So with our “junior in training”, we are having a great time continually learning about and showing these wonderful creatures.